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Title8th Australasian Society for Cognitive Science Conference- CfP2023-04-13 17:54
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제목: 8th Australasian Society for Cognitive Science Conference- CfP
수신: 한국인지과학회 회원
문서번호: cogsci-61

8th Australasian Society for Cognitive Science Conference – ASCS 2007
9-12 July 2007
University of Adelaide, Australia
Call for Papers

Next year the University of Adelaide will host ASCS 2007, the conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science. A two-day workshop in computational neuroscience and biomimetic engineering (NeuroEng 2007) will be held in conjunction with the conference. Information regarding submissions, registration, and accommodation are available at the conference website:

The theme of the meeting is Reconsidering the Foundations of the Cognitive Sciences. We aim to consider such questions as:
• What is Cognition? Which thermodynamic, functional, or adaptive criteria distinguish cognitive systems from other physical systems? Is cognition a computational or a biological phenomenon, or both? What is required for cognitive agency?
• What is Representation? Is representation a capacity of all biological systems, or only of organisms with a nervous system? How is cognitive representation related to the representing systems used in human communication and problem solving?
• What is Computation? Is computation a general feature of physical systems, including non-living ones? Is rules and symbols (digital) style computation necessary for cognition? What forms of computation are realized in neural/biological systems?
• What is Language? Are all cognitive systems sign users? Is language the foundation for thought? To what extent is linguistic meaning shaped by human sensory and motor capacities? Should linguistics concern itself with the physical mechanisms of language use?
• What is Reasoning? What styles of representation and computation are implicated in reasoning? Are Bayesian models adequate to the features of natural reason? How do affective, perceptual, and motor processes, and mind-world interactions bear on human reasoning?
• What is Consciousness? What is the function of consciousness? Is all conscious experience representational? What is the relationship between conscious and unconscious processes in the brain?
We invite submissions, both posters and papers, from all contributing disciplines within Cognitive Science. Presentations that touch on some aspect of our theme are particularly welcome. Offers can be made using our on-line submission form. The deadline for acceptance of papers is 1st June 2007. We aim to accommodate as many papers as possible within the constraints of the conference schedule. Those whose papers are not accepted will be offered the opportunity to present their work in a poster session.

Offers to organize symposia or workshops are also welcome, especially those that deal with some aspect of our conference theme. These should be communicated directly to the conference convener.



All correspondence should be directed to:
ASCS 2007
c/- Dr Jon Opie
Philosophy DX 650 114
University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005
+61 8 8303 3815
+61 8 8303 5241