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제목: ICCS2006-poster-extension
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The 5th International Conference of the Cognitive Science

July 26, 2006 at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are pleased to invite submissions to 5th ICCS2006, the Fifth International Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (in the Asian-Pacific region), to be held at Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre in Vancouver, Canada, July 26, 2006. This is the Asian-Pacific version of the international series of the conferences in cognitive science. Cognitive science pursues a scientific understanding of the mind through all available methodologies, notably those of anthropology, artificial intelligence, computer science, education, linguistics, learning sciences, logic, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology, or other, newly developing methodologies that are most appropriate to promote the science.
This is the fifth conference of such an endeavor, following the ones held in Korea (1997), Japan (1999), China (2001), and Australia (2003). This conference is structured to hold ten workshops/symposia to represent current interests and cutting edge thoughts from Asia-Pacific regions, followed by the poster session open to members of cognitive science societies worldwide. It will be held in conjunction with The 28th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, July 26-29 (tutorials and workshops on July 26) at the same venue. Registration for ICCS2006 will let you attend this conference, and vice versa.

Important Dates:
Individual poster submissions due: February 27, 2006
Acceptance notifications: April 30, 2006
Final camera-ready copies due: May 20, 2006

Instructions for Submissions
This year, we will only call for submissions of POSTER presentations, which will be published as 2-page papers in the Proceedings. The URL to use for submissions is
This URL will lead you into Cognitive Science Society Online Conferences Site. You will be asked to register first (that is, to set your User ID and Password), and login to submit your contribution. Please follow the instructions.
Submissions will be reviewed by an international panel of experts according to their significance and the relevance to a broad audience of the international understandings of cognitive science. We will also count the originality, technical merit, and the clarity of presentation. As an issue of fairness, submissions that are over 2 pages will be rejected without review. Similarly, submission files that are not readable or editable will be rejected without review.
Submission Formats:
All submissions must be in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. These files must be readable by the standard Acrobat Reader and editable by people other than the author. The details of the required format are described in the sample documents below. For your convenience, there is a files for Microsoft Word that you can use as a template. Please do not edit the margins or font settings of this file.
Template: Microsoft Word.

To see what this looks like, here is a PDF version.
If you need instructions on converting files to PDF, please look here.
Note the deadlines for receipt of submission materials above. Authors whose submissions are accepted on the regular program and to appear in the Proceedings may be notified in time to return final versions of their Proceedings contributions by late April. Publication is subject to meeting deadlines and format requirements.

Registration Information:
For information about conference registration, check out after March 1st, 2006. For information about conference travel and housing, check out after March 1st, 2006. Please do not direct queries about conference registration, travel, or lodging to any of the email addresses of Chairs and/or Conference Steering Committee members.
Conference Program:
Morning workshops/symposia
Title: Culture and Cognition 1: Neuro-linguistic analyses of macrostructure in narratives produced by Korean Right-Brain-Damaged patients
Organizer: BAIK Kyoung-Sun (Ewha Womans University, South Korea)

Title: Culture and Language 1: Cognitive correlates of reading and spelling in Korean Hangul, English and Chinese Hanja among Korean children
Organizer: Jeung-Ryeul Cho & Jee-Young Lee (Kyungnam University)

Title: Culture and Cognition 2: How the mind and culture are shaped interactively: Bridging social and cognitive views
Organizer: Hiroshi Yama (Kobe College, Japan)
Jean-Baptiste VAN DER HENST (CNRS University of Lyon 1, France)
Takahiko MASUDA (University of Alberta, Canada)
Takeshi HAMAMURA (University of British Colombia, Canada)

Title: Culture and Language 2: Language-specific semantics and categorization
Organizer: Soonja Choi (San Diego State University)
Soonja Choi (San Diego State University)
Marianella Casasola (Cornell University)
Twila Tardif, Nina Simms, Chao Liu (University of Michigan)
Discussion by Laraine McDonough (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center of CUNY)

Afternoon workshops/symposia

Title: Android science
Karl F. MacDorman, Ph.D. (Cambridge & Osaka University)
Hiroshi Ishiguro , (Osaka University)

Title: Internal Observation as a Method for Constructive Science
Organizers and Speakers:
Hideyuki Nakashima (Future University - Hakodate)
Masaki Suwa (Chukyo University)
Haruyuki Fujii (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Title: Influence of culture and language on concepts and cognitive functions
Origanizer: Mutsumi Imai (Keio University)

Conference Organizers:
General Chair:
Naomi Miyake, Chukyo University, JAPAN

Liaison Organizers:
Naomi Miyake, Chukyo University, JAPAN
Wayne Gray, Rensselaer, USA

Steering Committee Members:
Charles Ling
CHOI Key-Sun
CHO Sook Whan
CHUNG Chansup
DO Kyungo Soo
Jim Kehoe
KAKEHI Kazuhiko
LEE Chungmin
LEE Jung-Moo
Peter Slezak
TAKUBO Yukinori
Wayne Gray