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TitleMajor Contributors to CogSci (Bechtel & Zawidzki)2023-04-13 17:13
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Biographies of Major Contributors to Cognitive Science

William Bechtel and Tadeusz Zawidzki

(Expanded from the set included in the Companion to Cognitive Science, Blackwell, 1988)

Hundreds of researchers have made significant contributions to cognitive science. What follows is a set of short academic biographies of people whom we believe should be counted on anyone's list of important contributors; the work of many of them is discussed in the Companion. Not every important figure is included; and some people are included, especially from the history of cognitive science, who would not describe, or could not have described, themselves as cognitive scientists despite their considerable impact on the field. We trust that the list will be useful to students doing research in cognitive science and to readers who wish to familiarize themselves with the work of specific contributors.

While this list has been expanded beyond that included in the Companion to Cognitive Science, it is still very incomplete. As time permits, we will add entries, but we welcome anyone who wants to supply material, either on themselves or another cognitive scientist. We would also welcome updates on anyone who is included, especially information about changes in their academic affiliation.